We can start it off right

The property recovery process takes multiple steps to complete, which is why we ALWAYS consider the next party and task in line. Selective demolition and cleaning are one of the first steps necessary, making them an important phase which directly affects future workloads.

We are committed to efficiently and effectively removing damaged building materials. This means straight lines, clean cuts, a knowledgeable staff, and progress driven results.

Whether Fire, Water or Storm damage: AGE can get your project started properly.

Lath & Plaster / Gypsum Selective Demo

Lath & Plaster or Gypsum are very different from drywall and must be treated as such when being removed. We have years of experience working with Plaster & Gypsum materials, making us an ideal fit to prepare damaged surfaces for future recovery processes.


Disasters or catastrophes affect large regions and can be extremely devastating and difficult to successfully restore. AGE has experience assisting in CAT’s and can provide labour and/or services to your Full Service Restoration Company in order to complete any task.